Audi Q8 SUV to be launched in India in January 2020

The long wait in Indian Automobile market for having Audi Q8 is eventually coming to an end. This long awaited and anticipated Audi Q8 has announced finally a date for launching this car in India. This car will be available for sale in India on January 15th, 2020.

This car is a Coupe SUV by Audi, with the brand name of Audi Q8. It was earlier informed in the month of August this year that this company plans to launch this car in India by the end of the year 2019 only. But the company has now deferred the date of launching this car in Indian market to January 2020.

This particular model of the Audi car was long anticipated in Indian automobile market. This car will be available for sale to Audi car lovers in India on January the 15th, in the year 2020 only.

It is a very interesting fact to know that this all new Audi Q8 is arriving at Indian market just about a couple of weeks before the Auto Expo 2020. This all makes sense because the Ingolstadt based car maker is not planning to partake in this upcoming automobile show.

This helps in possibly making this one of big parallel launches the Indian automobile market will witness around the auto Expo, to be held in the oncoming year.

Audi Q8 will come with a coupe like design with LED head lamps and LED tail lights. This brand has planned a strong offensive marketing strategy for the Indian automobile market. Audi Q8 is the next big model to be launched by this company after the new generation Audi A6. This Audi Q8 will be Bharat Stage VI or BS6 compliant from the time of its launch here.


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