King James Balls Hard with LOBOS days after being ejected

Shockwaves have been sent around the world with the launch of Lebron James’s new tequila brand Lobos! Last night just two days after the NBA MVP & legend was ejected from the game for scuffle with Detroit Pistons Isaiah Stewart chose next gen artist @Cj_Tate’s song #OKAY as the theme music behind his already iconic tequila brand LOBOS via his Instagram story post. 

LeBron James and his partner Maverick Carter say they invested in LOBOS 1707 because of the quality of the tequila, core company values, and the opportunity to build a strong consumer brand with diverse leadership. Another notorious tequila-and-cigar fan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is also an investor, as is James’ fellow Lakers star & team member Anthony Davis.

The Lobos 1707 portfolio includes Joven, Reposado, Extra Añejo and Mezcal Artesanal. Each goes through a barrel aging process, using fifty-year-old PX barrels to finish the pure Mexican agave.

Why Did Lebron choose CJ Tate’s song “OKAY” in his story post lastnight? Although there seems to be no official ties between the budding star & King James.  Personal friend of Lebron says  “The King knows good music and loves songs that resonate with his mood.” -anonymous 

Sources say CJ Tate has had a long road to success & that this year has been especially challenging with the birth of his beautiful new born daughter Sage was born with a heart disease tetralogy fallot early July this year undergoing heart surgery at just 6 months of age. The young star seems to have found renewed vigor & passion for the industry & his craft.

What does all this mean for the Lakers #1 man? Opinion is that the King is showing the world just how cooler heads prevail. He’s telling critics that no matter what he’s still the King & his eyes are set on bigger things. One things for sure “I know what I’ll be ordering on my next visit to the bar.”

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