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Hong Kong, June 02, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – NovationWire, the Asia based PR distribution newswire who is focusing on the fin-tech, AI, AR/VR/XR, digital marketing & blockchain industries, has released a report on ‘3 Top Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022’.

Social media trends

Any content marketer worth their salt knows the value of repurposing as a part of the content strategy. The skill is in creating one piece of content that can then serve multiple different purposes and goals. This means users are not only serving customers’ content marketing strategy, but customers’ social media goals as well. Content will play a major role in attracting an audience and customers this year. Great content is better than good content. Sounds simple enough, right? However, focusing on too many types of content creation efforts can take customers’ focus away from creating truly great content that separates users as an industry expert. On the other hand, if users focus on doing one thing great, potential customers will continue coming back to consume customers’ content.

Brand strategy is not static

Customers’ brand strategy isn’t static – or at least, it shouldn’t be. To stay up to date and ahead of brand trends, they should use technology to become more predictive of consumer interests. Rather than waiting for brand trends to begin, they will be able to put motions in place to meet new demands head – on. Predicting consumer behavior will help users to anticipate needs and offer them precisely what they want almost before they know they are looking for it. Certain words and phrases can automatically turn a customer off, and there will be a push to avoid this in 2022. While talking with customers or creating content, users should not come off as only having one goal – to sell a product. Instead, use content creation as an opportunity to engage with a customer, answer the questions, and tell the story of customers’ brand. Make sure customers’ content shows the value of customers’ product without being overly direct.

Community matters

In an age where people are constantly surrounded by dozens of tiny microphones and cameras embedded in laptops, tablets, smartphones, home automation systems etc., privacy is a hot button topic. The issue becomes even more complex when people throw the insatiable appetite for customer data that people often see in large tech corporations. While trying to learn more about their users, companies now risk alienating their target audience because of a loss of trust. The pandemic forced individuals to come together as a community and help each other out in difficult times. Brands should adapt their marketing strategies to this shift in the sensibilities of the consumers by taking a more grassroot approach to communication as well as by localizing the brand experience. Brands that focus on supporting and nurturing communities in times of crisis will not only stand out from their competitors but also gain customer loyalty and trust.

New predictions in content marketing

The past year has brought social issues to the forefront, with people voicing their opinions and taking strong stands more openly especially on various social media platforms. Consumers are now actively looking at the ‘social consciousness’ of brands and the values that they stand behind. In a research, 61% of the participants claimed that how a brand responds during a crisis will ascertain if they will continue buying it when the crisis is over. Video, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, voice – search optimization and a personalized content experience are all content marketing trends in 2022. Content marketing is about the experience a business provides to its lead in order to create a series of follow – up campaign touches that lead to reengagement, retention and referrals. Connection – true human connection—is key, and those areas will be areas to watch in 2022.

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