A Full Review of Attenutech’s Line of Mobile Leaded Barriers

01/12/2023 – Lutz, Florida: Mobile leaded barriers are crucially important in medical settings because they enable healthcare providers to easily maneuver the shields and provide complete protection against scatter radiation. In this blog, we analyze the extensive Attenutech line of mobile lead barriers for x-ray radiation protection. Attenutech itself describes this line of barriers as a line that is easy to move and easy to clean. We agree that these mobile lead barriers provide just that! In fact, AttenuTech® is a company that has many customers that are x-ray techs or healthcare providers.

Therefore, AttenuTech® knows that these healthcare heroes require excellent levels of X-Ray Protection from Mobile Lead Barriers against the harmful effects of radiation. Radiation safety is of utmost importance in medical facilities, doctors’ offices, and hospitals. This is especially true in places where professionals work closely with x-ray radiation on a regular basis. In fact, frequent or regular exposure to x-ray radiation is cumulative. This means that constant exposure can have a buildup of negative effects.

Therefore, if you spend your career working with radiation and performing procedures that expose you to x-ray radiation, you can cause serious long-term damage to your health. Thankfully, Attenutech supplies the Mobile lead barriers that can prevent this. The mission of Attenutech is to provide complete radiation safety for men, women, and children. They manufacture radiation safety equipment that they have complete confidence in, and they ensure that the attenuation that their shields provide will keep you safe for the complete length of the procedure. Mobile lead barriers are free-standing tools which allow you to protect yourself from x-ray radiation without heavy lead apparel. They are large, door-shaped barriers which roll on locking casters so they may be moved to whatever position required in the room and then locked in place.

Additionally, in Attenutech’s collection you will find Attenutech mobile leaded barriers that have the following features. They are available in multiple sizes which are ideal for a wide variety of procedures. Also, they travel easily on four caster locking base steel legs. This makes them highly adjustable for any situation. It is recommended that two people always move the barrier together. These Mobile X-Ray Barriers also feature heavy-duty TIG welded steel frames and a high density, easy clean body panel. It can simply be wiped down with a cleaning solution and safely stored after each use. They feature opaque panels with lead inside along with a clear leaded glass window which allows the user to see the procedure without exposing their eyes or face to radiation.

Also, Attenutech mobile leaded barriers feature lead sheets in the interior of the opaque panels. These are what truly offer ample protection during all x-ray and fluoroscopy procedures. The leaded glass windows in their lead barriers have 2.0mm lead equivalency as well, giving you superior protection for your eyes and face without sacrificing your visibility during a procedure. Additionally, those same leaded glass windows in the Attenutech mobile leaded barriers are made of optical-quality lead-impregnated glass, giving you superior, distortion-free viewing during procedures. There are no imperfections or optical distortions in the leaded glass used in Attenutech leaded mobile barriers.

In fact, mobile lead barriers are an integral part of many hospitals’ radiology and fluoroscopy departments, and our barriers feature the highest protection of any available on the market today at AttenuTech®. Our team of radiation safety reviewers highly recommend this exceptional line by AttenuTech®.

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