Blue Light Protective Eyewear: All Should Remember its Power

04/18/2023 – Bangor, PA: Ever thought about light? It’s not the power, speed or necessity of light but its color. Both natural and artificial light have wider color spectrums than most people realize. Because not all parts of the color spectrum are visible to the naked eye, people often overlook their depth and breadth. This doesn’t mean that the colors are less real. In certain situations, blue light protective eyewear is often required. Because of the inherent nature of blue light, blue light protective eyewear is often associated with electronic devices. They are just above invisible light waves, so they tend to be blue. They are therefore very powerful and can be used to effectively lighten the screens of electronic devices. People are so used to looking at bright electronic screens that they don’t think about the wavelengths behind them. But, at VS-Eyewear we consider the shorter wavelengths and how they might impact vision. We offer blue light protective eyeglasses for those who find their noses covered in all kinds of electronic devices. 

Blue light eyewear can also protect against shorter wavelengths and may reduce other common complaints. Prescription and non-prescription eyewear can help prevent tearing, redness or muscle ticks. They also protect against routine insomnia, routine tearing, redness, and other eye problems like headaches. There are many manufacturers that make blue light protective eyewear, but we prefer Sheer-Glare. Sheer-Glare is an old brand that has a reputation for producing high-quality blue light protective eyewear. Contact Our VS-Eyewear Representatives to learn more about Sheer-Glare’s products and how they can improve your vision.


It’s no secret that we spend a lot of our lives staring at tablets, phones and computers in this technological age. A study showed that Americans spend an average of 7.4 hours per day staring at their screens. This means that our exposure to blue lights is much higher than ever. It is important to protect yourself from its damaging side effects. VS Eyewear has the perfect Blue Light protective sunglasses for you.  Blue light is found in small quantities in food and in the environment. It can also be produced by LED screens. It is well-known that blue light can improve alertness and mood. Therefore, small amounts of it are beneficial. Blue light has a shorter wavelength, emits more energy and can cause eye strain, dry eyes, and other side effects. The most common is sleep cycle disruption. Blue light can suppress melatonin, which is a hormone that our bodies produce to regulate our natural sleep patterns. The Sheer Vision protects your eyes from higher energy wavelengths. This reduces strain on the eyes and protects them from harmful blue light wavelengths. We have the right glasses for you. You can choose the frame color and the strength of your lenses with us. Get more information about Computer eyewear by contacting us today.


Many people think work is a long, tedious task that involves staring at a computer screen for hours every day. This can cause a variety of health issues, including weight, fitness, and other health issues. However, this can also have a dramatic effect on your eyesight. Here are some ways to reduce the glare while using a computer. This can be done by dimming the screen’s brightness and ensuring that your workspace is well-lit. You can also use apps to apply a blue filter to your smartphone screen or computer screen. People tend to blink less while working at their computers. Eye irritation can result from dryness and irritation. This can cause eye irritation and dryness.  Keep your eyes at least four to five inches above the computer screen. Maintain proper eye position Keep your eyes focused on something at least 20 feet for 20 minutes. This will help reduce strain on your eyes. Wear Computer glasses One of the best ways you can combat eye strain, irritation, and damage while working at your computer is to wear computer glasses. These glasses reduce the glare of your computer screen and the strain it places on your eyes. These glasses can be worn to reduce eye irritation after a long day. For more information, please contact us at VS Eyewear or call 1-877-872-5780 (in the United States) or 1-484-546-0029 (outside the United States). Our highly trained customer service representatives and in-house optometrists can help you through your eyewear journey online.

About Us: VS Eyewear offers a broad selection of products to our industrial users such as Prescription Safety Glasses, Radiation Protection Glasses, Welding Safety Glasses, Laser Safety Glasses, and Glass Working supplies. For our consumer customer base, we offer the latest fashions and styles in computer glasses, night driving glasses, and sunglasses.  Most Prescription glasses are available in a variety of lens materials including Glass.  VS Eyewear is an international leader in eyeglass sales and we offer a huge selection of brands at prices that can’t be beaten. As an authorized dealer of major industrial, designer, and brand-name eyewear, we guarantee that our optical products are high-quality, authentic, and backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Find high-quality eyewear that matches your look, lifestyle, and budget. 

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